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Survival Bracelet

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For a limited time only!! We are offering a FREE Survival bracelet just pay shipping! 

The premium design of our survival bracelet offers a stylish look and feel and if needed can also be utilized to save lives. Casual and comfortable for everyday wear the survival bracelet features a safety whistle that can blast sounds up to a 150 db to signal others of your location. Our bracelet also features a small scraper for starting fires with or you can use the blade to cut through line or rope when precision is required. Designed for wrists over 6+ (inches). The survival bracelet can disassemble into approximately 10 feet of durable rope. Conquer obstacles thanks to it's 500 lb weight rating. Compact multi functioning gear like this can be used by anyone who enjoys hiking, camping, hunting, fishing or rock climbing. The survival bracelets compact size brings safety in your travels everywhere you go, and you will barely even know it's there. Anyone who enjoy the outdoors can benefit from having this in their inventory!

Available in 3 colors including black, green and camouflage.


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